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October 19, Copley Square
JoeAnn Hart is a fiction writer, journalist, and environmental activist whose work has appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine, Orion, Design New England, Solstice, and the Hopper. Anthologized in Black Lives Have Always Mattered, Hart’s pieces typically focus on the relationship between humans and their environments. She is the author of Float, a novel about plastics in the ocean with a dark comedic spin, and Addled, a satire about food and animal rights. Having appeared on panels at the 2017 International Literature Festival in Berlin and the 2017 Boston Greenfest, she has also held residences with Turkeyland Cove Foundation and Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, and has won the Rubery Book Award in Fiction, the 2004 PEN New England Discovery Award in Fiction, and the Reynolds Price Short Fiction Award. Her latest release, Stamford ‘76, is a crime memoir that explores a woman’s death. Author Sven Birkerts deems Hart's latest “a suspenseful narrative, pressurized on every page by the release of a material long held close.”