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Beth Marshea

October 19, Copley Square
Beth Marshea is the owner and lead agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency where she acquires work that pushes genres and boundaries and challenges the reader to accept new points of view. Marshea and her company are committed to the growth and development of both new and veteran authors. She hopes to introduce works with unique perspectives and diverse voices to the literary world. She is dedicated to highlighting all stories that need to be told and to expanding the visibility of underrepresented writers. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in literature, Marshea earned a master's in business administration. As she worked with small presses and authors, she became determined to find a way to merge her business passion and her love of literature into something beautiful that could bring joy and art to the world. Thus, Ladderbird was born. She accepts submissions in all categories excluding romance, erotica, and religion. Marshea is most excited to find literary fiction, or genre fiction with a literary bent. She's also looking for large platform nonfiction particularly related to political culture, business, and gender issues.