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Ben Crump

October 19, Copley Square
Ben Crump is a civil rights attorney, author, and speaker who is known for representing Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s families in their respective cases. A frequent contributor to Time Magazine, Crump served as the first African American president of the Federal Bar Association for the Northern District of Florida and the first African American chair of the Florida State University College of Law Board of Directors. He has been featured in documentaries such as NPR’s How a Lawyer Got Nation Talking About Trayvon Martin and BET’s I Am Trayvon Martin: A Family’s Fight for Justice. His work often concerns civil rights and justice for minority communities, and for that he has received AKA’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award, the NAACP Thurgood Marshall Award, and the SCLC’s Martin Luther King Servant Award. He is the author of Open Season, a nonfiction analysis of the cases Crump has represented and the legal and ethical conflicts that followed. The Tampa Bay Times says Crump “established a reputation as the go-to advocate for cases involving race and injustice.”

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Saturday, October 19

2:30pm EDT