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Alexandra Horowitz

October 19, Copley Square
Alexandra Horowitz is a professor, psychologist, and nonfiction writer focused on research in dog cognition. With a PhD in cognitive sciences from the University of California, San Diego, Horowitz is also an assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College and the head of their Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab. Her work—which has appeared in the New York Times, NPR.org, the New Yorker, and CNN—includes the New York Times No. 1–bestselling Inside of a Dog, about dogs’ perceptions of the world around them; On Looking, based on a series of eleven walks the author takes in her Manhattan neighborhood; and Being a Dog, which examines the sense of smell in dogs. Her most recent release, Our Dogs, Ourselves, critically analyzes humans’ relationships with dogs and the deeply emotional yet often contradictory dynamics of the human-canine bond. Author Ed Yong hails the book as a “masterful and witty biography of two intertwined species [which] fully captures the profundity, joy, and absurdity of our bonds.”