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Lindsey O'Neill

Poetry, Self as Witness, Yoga, Contemplative Creativity, Health & Wellness

Lindsey is an Integrative Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher, Yoga and Writing Workshop Facilitator, and Wilderness Poetess. She believes both yoga and creative self-expression to be indispensable art forms capable of enhancing our wellness, inspiring our passion, and creating embodied social change. In her yoga teaching practice, Lindsey teaches with a focus on breath, compassionate awareness, and alignment, and she writes to give voice to the sacred and visceral. She feels our practices both on the mat and the written page to be ones that can connect us more deeply to ourselves and the world around us, while simultaneously leading to the expansion of both head and heart. Lindsey has held Yoga & Writing workshops at Wentworth Institute of Technology, GrubStreet, and local Boston yoga studios. She is currently at work on her first poetry manuscript.